We are a group of passionate individuals who live for understanding how genius solutions can (and have) change the world. We don’t mince words, we share, inspire and assist you to access your own brilliance. We have travelled the world learning the latest modalities and approaches that are required for a complex world and we are here to serve you.


Oran Cohen  |  Managing Director  |  Imagineer



Oran has dedicated his work to facilitating others’ genius in solving complex and difficult problems in various contexts. As a facilitator and entrepreneur, Oran has over 12 years experience in facilitating people and their ideas in more than 20 countries. As a serial innovator, Oran has imagineered documentaries, international leadership programmes as well as founded Not-Profit Organisations

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Claire Janisch  |  Associate Facilitator  |  Biomimicry Professional




Claire is a Biomimicry professional and sustainability & innovation advisor. She is the Engineering Instructor for the international 2-year Biomimicry Professionals Programme. Claire was recently awarded the Regional Network Leader of the Year award at the global Biomimicry Conference in June 2013. Claire works in the areas of strategy, technology & education and assists Genius Works clients to understand the fundamentals of Systems Thinking.



Jabu Mashinini  |  Associate Facilitator  |  Transformation Specialist



Jabu has worked in the corporate and public sectors for over 20 years creating change within organisations in the field of development and transformation. He holds an Honours in Conflict Resolution and has consulted on social innovation projects in South Africa, Honk Kong and the Netherlands. He has developed and implemented full-scale interventions for social workers, government agencies and has facilitated countless communication and conflict transformation processes. Jabu mentors and advises on several local and international initiatives. He currently coaches organisations in system theory, leadership development and team dynamics.



Lisa Cohen  |  Associate Facilitator  |   Master Story Teller




Lisa is a meaning maker, storyteller and facilitator. Lisa holds an Honours in Psychology and is a graduate of the International School of Storytelling. Harnessing the power of story, she has extensive experience working with individuals and groups in the fields of education, business and public health. Lisa runs story labs for Genius Works and is a faculty member for the Lead with Imagination programme.




Ilana Wetzler  |  Associate Facilitator  |  Catalyst of Change 


Ilana ran the Lucca Leadership SA for 5 years, a collective of international organisations who run international programmes in transformational leadership.  Ilana has worked extensively across the world assisting individuals and teams to discover their genius. She has worked throughout South Africa, Europe and more recently in China and India – primarily building communities and organisations that are designed to uplift those around them as well as developing the capacity of the individuals. Ilana is an expert at collaborative problem solving, diagnosing team dynamics and facilitating organisational strategy. Ilana is the founder of the Serotonin Project, and has started and led numerous initiatives that foster leadership and social entrepreneurship.


Louise Denysschen  |  Business Developer  |  Head of Research




Louise is passionate about creating and supporting spaces for dynamic learning specifically within the realms of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Over the last 6 years she has worked in the hospitality industry, and more recently the events industry. She has 3 years of experience in facilitating change with both children and adults, using drama and creative play. Louise is the Business Developer for Genius Works and heads up research.