Claire is a sustainability and innovation advisor and biomimicry professional. She is a graduate of and a co-trainer for the international two-year biomimicry Professionals Program (BPCP). She currently heads up biomimicrySA. Claire works in the areas of strategy, technology & education.

She is also a co-creator of the Genius Lab, an experiential learning organisation inspiring innovation and future thinking for organisations and individuals (children and adults). She finds inspiration and innovative solutions to human challenges by emulating organisms and ecosystems that fit in on this beautiful planet in well-adapted life-enhancing ways.

As a biomimicry professional she spends her time exploring nature’s technological miracles in diverse ecosystems and shares this new way of viewing and valuing nature through expeditions and workshops – teaching and training professionals, students and scholars. She also dives deeper into research for companies and organisations – translating nature’s innovation and sustainability principles for the design of new products, processes and systems.

Claire has a MSc in the field of Environmental Process Engineering and has worked across Africa as a consultant in: Environmental Technology, Sustainable Energy and Climate Change, Cleaner Production, Sustainable Urban Design, Integrated Waste Management, Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Eco-labeling, Environmental Management and Environmental Education.