Genius Works offers leaders, innovators and change makers within organisations the opportunity to learn and apply new cutting edge technologies of change. We facilitate organisations’ ability to harness the innate genius that exists within functional groups and develop their capabilities to respond to ever-changing complexities they face.

Our areas of expertise include:

Leadership programmes
Facilitating Strategy
Bringing ideas to life
Coaching and Mentoring

Genius works believes in deep experiential learning. We apply common sense and align individuals to their own needs. We teach principles rather than techniques alone, in order to empower and build the capacity within organizations. We understand what motivates both staff and leadership and we build bridges between these different levels to increase intrinsic motivation, improve performance and build understanding. We understand “Genius” as the ability to synergize, collaborate, create and re-imagine existing structures. We believe that each individual’s uniqueness combined and harnessed is at the heart of all great businesses. We assist to create this synergistic environment so that everyone prospers.

Genius Works has operated in over 20 large-scale interventions both in South Africa as well as Ireland, U.S and Japan. We love assisting organizations lead with Imagination. We facilitate in the spaces where the genius of ideas and the brilliance of people meet.


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