Training Innovation and Leadership

At Genius Works we believe the models by which leaders navigate the world are not meeting the complexity they face. Therefore, the need to upgrade their modes of operating must shift to meet a changing world. More than ever, leaders require a set of skills that demand them to navigate, approach and meet the needs of their environment with both laser-like will, commitment and follow-through as well as imagination, empathy, courage and audacity. Leaders are required to make educated decisions within an exponentially changing landscape of parameters, pressures and responsibilities. To do this, they must learn to handle ambiguity whilst knowing who they are and continuously discerning what matters most. This is no small feat.

The latest research from “The Institute of the Future” (IFTF) suggests that, moving forward, workplaces will work in new ways. What we perceive to be core competencies are shifting into areas such as social intelligence, Systems thinking, novel and adaptive thinking as well as design thinking mindsets.

Genius Works understands the enormity of the task and is passionate about empowering, up-skilling and facilitating this vital capacity within organizations that plan to thrive and that want to remain relevant in the coming years.