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Coaching and Mentoring

We all need co-pilots to help us uncover new pathways of thought, deal with blind spots, remember what we learned and reveal what is possible on the road ahead.

Genius works offers one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions which are focused on exploring your needs from a most basic to a more specialized level. We work with all sized business, entrepreneurs and issues and We have a rich and diverse array of experience to shape your coaching session into the unique support system that fits who you are.

We in-sight, challenge, inspire and provoke deep reflection and imagination within our coaching sessions. We motivate and assist you to improve your bottom-line effectiveness and harvest more rewarding careers, more meaningful personal and family lives and a more connected relationship to yourself. We mentor you to uncover, recover and discover your Genius and bring new insights and foresights to help you become the best of who you uniquely and truly are. In our mentorship roles we honor the age old tradition that has been lost to many; the passing on of knowledge and wisdom.