Design your Operational Culture

It's time to implement New Ways of Work. Behaviours eat process for breakfast. We assess, design and implement the kind of culture you desire to realise your business priorities AT SCALE.

We offer a unique, game-changing mix  

of technology and psychology to evaluate  

your business and support you to create  

turnkey solutions for business challenges  

in the 21st century.

From strategic product challenges 

to complete systemic re-design, we 

ensure that your organisation has 

the 21st-century capabilities that are 

critical for success in the digital age.

Consultation Services

We prepare organisations for the future of work, educate in 21st-century skills and utilise cutting-edge research to apply to your challenges.

Social Operating SystemTM

We design employee experience (Ex) to have an exceptional impact on your Customer Experience (Cx) through behaviour-changing technologies.

Strategic Innovation

Behavioural Economics, Social and Game Design for strategic business impact. Our approach to a systemic problem is refreshing and game-changing. We create environments conducive to innovation.

The landscape has changed

Yesterday’s views and proficiencies are no longer enough to drive a company forward. Businesses need new ways of thinking in order to thrive and remain innovators.

Innovation is not the ability to create products, instead, it is determined by an organisation's Ways of Work.

Genius Works are partners in strategic implementations. We support organisations by combining organisational intelligence, behaviour-data and social design with ground-breaking technology to improve business operations.

Through our immersive Psychosocial model, we are able to assess and structure New Ways of work to help you meet the challenges of an organisation in the 21st century.


Secret Sauce

We look at how both tools and people capability holistically drive customer and business needs. Through technology, we equip and enable the business to not only meet it's current needs but prepare for what the market wil